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How to Make Money Blogging

How to Make Money with Your Blog

Make Money Blogging

Make Money Blogging

There are many reasons why someone starts Blogging, and it seems that a lot of folks start a blog because they hope to make some money with it. Not everyone makes money with their blog, but that usually is because they don’t really know how to do it. Too many think that posting some gibberish once a week on a page packed with AdSense units can make them some serious money, but that just isn’t the case.

There are ways that you can make money with your blog, and many of these are solid, established ways to make some money through blogging. The following four tips are real ways that you can make money with your Blog.

1.) Sell ads.

If you are a big deal established blogger, you can probably sell ad units direct to companies and services, but if you are a big deal blogger, you probably wouldn’t need these tips. New bloggers can sell ads too.

One of the easiest ways to get Ads on your blog is through Google AdSense. These easy to set up pay-per-click ads can help you make money each time a visitor clicks on one of their ads. Remember not to get too crazy with the ads, however; if you have too many advertisements, your visitors will stop visiting.

2.) Get into an affiliate program.

Like putting ads up on your blog, you can be an affiliate. With an affiliate program, you put up what are essentially ads, but you don’t get paid when someone clicks on an ad. You get paid either a flat dollar amount or a percentage every time a visitor clicks through an ad or link on your blog and buys something. Some affiliate programs will pay you per click as well; every program has different rules.

3.) Collect contributions.

Many bloggers make money asking for contributions or donations. If you provide your users with lots of value, you probably will have more than a few who are willing to help support you. These folks feel a small donation to help underwrite the effort you put in will be well worth continuing to read the great content you put out onto the web.

Make sure though, that if you put up a link for donations or contributions, your visitors know what they are contributing too. If you write lot about charity or nonprofit causes, a donation link may be mistaken for a way to donate to charity. Make sure that anyone who donates will know that any money they give will end up in your pocket.

4.) Drum up some business.

Blogs are a great place for you to share your thoughts and opinions, but they can also be a fabulous place to generate some business. As you blog, you should mention what you do and what services you offer and bring up some of your employment experience.

Potential clients or customers could very well be your readers, and reading your blog could make them realize that they want to hire you. To catch their eye, you don’t have to brag; instead, you should think of every post as a way to begin a dialogue with your readers where you can demonstrate your strengths and abilities.


These are, of course, not the only ways to make money with your blog. These four tips are just some of the ways that you can Make Money while Blogging. You can have fun with your blog, but you also can make money. Not every way to make money is right for your blog, but a combination of some of them can help you to find yourself with more money in your wallet.

This article is provided by Kevin Moor who writes for different sites.